Blog Post #1: All About the Artist

From an artist I just discovered on Google, Jill Greenburg captures staged emotions of her subjects, sadness and pain particularly in these photos of crying children. You may just see kids crying, but Greenburg has a deeper, political message behind these; which is why I like them.


19 year-old, Brian Oldham, whom I also found on Google, creates photos using photo shop and special affects with a combination of nature, most of the time, to make the scene intriguing; which is why I admire his work.


From Elia Locardi, an adventurous photographer that I found on Google, her photos are taken in different parts of the world from Italy to Japan to New Zealand, she captures her journeys. With resolution so clear and natural beauty, the cities and landscapes almost look fake.


Although I have many pictures of the sunset, this is one probably one of my favorites. It is definitely not perfect, but I love the vibrant colors and outlining of the trees that it captures.


In Intro to Photography this year, I hope to learn the functions of the camera to incorporate them while taking photographs. Also, I look forward to experiencing if photo is something I actually enjoy and am good at. One of the most interesting parts of being an artist and taking pictures is that everyone has their own style, kind of like dressing yourself. Some style better than others and some are not afraid to try new angles and looks and being bold. I hope to find my style and uniqueness through experience in this course.


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