Blog Post #2: Understanding Elements

Line: In this photo, the lines are a fence. They conceal a bigger picture behind it: the Bell Tower, but also drawn focus in and out.


This picture is of soil and rocks. The depth and form of the rocks can be seen, instead of them just looking flat, they almost look grab-able.  


This photo was taken in the Stark Gallery and represents positive and negative space. There is a lot of negative space because the chair is the only object in the vast room giving it an open feeling. 


Value: This photo represents value. The contrast between light and dark can be seen as the shadow hits the covered staircase. The shadows make the beige building pop.



This photo of a dog’s fur represents texture. Just by looking at it we can imagine that it feels soft and furry because of the sharpness of the texture. 


The final photo of a pink flower represents color. The background colors are dull and monotonous, but the pink brings vibrancy and life to the picture, especially next to the dead one. 


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