Food Photography (in class)

Strawberry Cereal Bar

  • Under- Exposed



  • Properly Exposed



  • Over-Exposed



  • I hope that the views can see the texture and form of the cereal bar surrounded by the crumbs which add balance to the frame. It was challenging to balance the ISO and lighting, which is why some of the images are blurry and why the “Properly Exposed” image is a slightly on the darker side.



  • Under-Exposed


  • Properly Exposed


  • Over-Exposed



  • By looking at the properly exposed image of the banana, I hope the viewer can see the brightness of the yellow of the banana and the form of its roundness. This is obviously not the best looking banana, and that is certainly more noticeable in the under-exposed, where it looks extremely rotten and unappetizing. With the over-exposed, the banana’s color is too bright, drawing more attention to the brownish end.




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