Blog Post #7: Final Food Photography Photos

IMG_0573.jpg (unedited)

IMG_0573_edited.jpg (edited)

  • For the lemons, I brightened the image overall to give the lemon more of a yellow pop than orange. Also, I sharpened the photo, particularly on the center of the closest lemon so the attention is drawn to the plump core. Finally, I used the blemish remover tool to get rid of dark spots on the bottom peel of the lemon and the outer edge.


IMG_0654.jpg (unedited)

IMG_0654_edited.jpg (edited)

  • Firstly, I used to color balance to add more of a green and magenta tone than red and yellow. Second, I used brightness to lighten the image, but the pistachio bread itself looks darker because of the sharpening. I applied this sharpening method specifically on the center of the focused piece.


Overall, photographing food was more difficult than I expected. The lighting was particularly a constant struggle for this shoot because it was a bipolar weather type of day. So, the photo was either over-exposed or way too under-exposed. However, this assignment taught me how to get up close and personal with the subject in order to make it look interesting and appealing. I positioned the knife in the background to give balance to the photos, instead of only starring at the food subject with empty space surrounding. Overall, I think this assignment was a bit challenging, but definitely a learning experience with good results.









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