Blog Post #8: Stop, Blurred and Panned BEST

Stop Action



Blurred ActionIMG_0765.JPG


Panned Action



  • The most challenging part of this assignment was the panned action. It was difficult to capture a clear subject with a streaked background, along with proper exposure. My favorite was the stopped action because it is the easiest to capture and it is interesting how all the details come out in the image due to the lightning fast shutter speed. Personally, I think the stopped or blurred images are more interesting than the panned.


BEST (edited)


  • Although I could not decide between my stopped and blurred photos, I chose the blurred because I like that vanishing look. To start off, I brightened and contrasted the image to make it warmer. Then, I used color balance and surprisingly added more cyan than red, along with magenta. Then, I used to curves to darken the image slightly. Finally, I sharpened the image, particularly the curve of the Nike sign.










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