Blog Post #9: Portrait Photography

IMG_0958.JPG (unedited)















The first two photos are of my mother. To give the image a warmer feel,  I darkened and added contrast so it would not be as orange. I also used color balance to bring out more of a cyan pigment than an orange or red one, as the originals are orange enough. Finally, I sharpened the images, specifically on her face, to bring out the animation in her both pensive and laughable mood. This is what I hope viewers can see most: her emotion. I used Richard Avedon’s style of photographing, which is asking questions during, to capture the first image. I asked her, “What has  been the happiest moment of your life?” She replied, “The birth of my children.” During the second photo, it was more challenging for her to keep a straight face, but I decided to take this opportunity of her laughing because I did not want a serious portrait of her in the end.


For my self-portrait, I did not plan to have this be my black and white image. In fact, I was just planning to edit this image for fun. But, after I edited it to B&W, I realized how much I loved the washed out face contrasted with my dark hair. My personality test color was orange, which mostly consists of: witty, spontaneous, generous and eager. But, I feel that this photo of me represents the smaller characteristics that make up the entire orange list. In particular; like to live in a casual atmosphere, deal with here and now and is free. I hope my viewers can see my care-free nature and casualty of my being.




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