Blog Post #12: Architecture and Landscape in Relation to My Life

Literal Architecture






Figurative Architecture






The lego buildings represent literal architecture because it is the literal construction of buildings. The image only depicts the exterior of the subject, not what is inside or with meaning. The figurative architecture is of my bets friend hugging a tree. This is figurative because it has meaning and is not just an exterior subject. Quite literally, she fills the space and is expressing her love for trees.  Changes to both photos include: brightness and contrast, curves, color balance and sharpening.


Literal Landscape




electri-towers-sunset (1).jpg

Figurative Landscape






The literal landscape is literal because it is showing the layout of the land. It captures the variety of colors with the sunset along with the giant electric towers. The structure of these, the beautiful colors and the outline of houses and mountains make up the literal landscape. The figurative landscape is at a concert of one of my favorite artist. The landscape goes deeper than just two guys singing with a sunflower background. It reminds me, personally, of the good time I had that night and my love for music. Because this landscape has more meaning than what it literally is, it is figurative.  The edits to these photos also includes: brightness/contrast, curves, color balance and sharpening.


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